Embodied Movement Course Syllabus

Welcome Packet

Welcome Letter


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Week 1-2

Foundations of Embodied Movement


What is Embodied Movement

Key Concepts

Kinesthetic Intelligence

LABS: Release Audio Series - Presence, Identifying Holding Patterns, Turn Toward Tension, Moving Through Release


Creating Kinesthetic Resilience

Dive into the Darkness Mini-Course 

[Developing the capacity to become and stay steady approaching, accessing, and moving stress, pain, and strain stored in the body systems]

Release into the darkness

Realign into the darkness

Strengthen into the darkness

Refine into the darkness

LABS: Dive Into The Darkness Exercises, Guided Sensory Tracking Experience


Weeks 3-4

The Rewire Process

Nervous System Regulation


Presence & Self-Awareness


LABS: Box Breath, Nadi Shodhana, Guided Tension Release Audio, "Beditation"


Weeks 5-6

EQSEmotional Systems


Body Awareness



(E)motion = energy in motion

Range of (e)motion

Body Armor / “Samskara”

LABS: Ultimate Relaxation Pose, Emotional Sculptures, Orienting to Pleasure


Weeks 7-8

KQS Physical Systems


Tension Release

“Victims vs Perpetrators” in muscle and fascia relationships

Body Mechanics


Posture and Mood

LABS: DIY Tennis Ball Myofascial Release, Stretching 101, Posture Play


Weeks 9-10

Embodied Movement - Somatic Skill Sets


Body Trust

Means vs Ends in Movement

Developing Responsive Strength

LABS: Opposite Sides of the Room, Pattern Interrupt

Weeks 11-12

The Practicum


Identifying Movement Rhythms

Patterns in the body

Movement to support restructuring

“Be Moved” Creating Conscious Body Practices

LABS: Custom Movement Blueprint, Practice Sensory Tracking Guide


Your Integrated Practice

Integrating your practice

Review of the Embodied Movement process

Shifting Stuck Stories in the body

New Body Learning

Navigating Your Needs

LABS: Create your integrated mission, vision, and messaging

*Bonus Session

Your Stand Out Practice

Arrive in your integrated position

Craft your messaging and intro as an Embodied Practitioner

Get clear on how to effectively communicate with potential clients

The Perfect Referral

Get connected

Create a ready to implement system to upgrade your professional network to those who are best suited to send you ideal clients

Purposeful Promotion

Lay out the “soup to nuts” bespoke embodied system you now have...from your personal presence - the way you show up - to your professional practices, to your specific system to book the right clients with ease. 

Outline a simple blueprint for how this all looks so you can return to it as your practice evolves and utilize this methodology to continue growing.