Welcome to this 3 month online course that helps therapists, coaches, and holistic health practitioners experience somatic healing while teaching them the methodology to grow their own embodied practice. 

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No matter your experience level with yoga, we’ve got a class for you!

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Want to create an embodied wellness practice? 

Whether you’re a therapist, coach, or healing arts professional, we can help you move through your own somatically stored emotional blocks, expand your range of (e)motion, and develop your Kinesthetic Intelligence.

Why? So you can integrate these somatic skills into your professional practice, help your clients connect with their body, stand out as an embodied practitioner, and create a thriving referral system with this unique approach.



The Rewire Process will help create new levels of nervous system regulation expanding mental and emotional capacity. 


Emotional Quotient System (EQS) will help soften emotional scars and expand your range of (e)motion.


Kinesthetic Quotient System (KQS) will help create easy access to flow state by realigning your physical systems for decreased tension and increased energy.

Somatic Skill Set


Embodied Movement will help you embody these somatic techniques and know how to incorporate a somatic approach into your practice.


The Practicum will help you the opportunity to see how these techniques work with the people you serve.


The Integrated Practice will help integrate this experiential knowledge into your professional practice in ways that align with the essence of your work.

Referral Systems


The Stand Out Practice will help you position yourself positively with this certification by finding the right messaging to express your unique approach.


The Perfect Referral System will help you connect with new clients effortlessly.


Purposeful Promotion will help you feel confident as an embodied practitioner and develop your contributions to your field.

The flow...

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After teaching the Embodied Movement Certification course this past year, we received wonderful feedback from our students and are making some exciting updates!

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