Your body is designed to feel GOOD

Dec 21, 2020
Your body is designed to feel good
When my main gig was personal training and teaching yoga, I witnessed these amazing, under the surface, changes happening in my clients.
I would quietly watch as we went through the motions, seeing their confidence bubble up, seeing their posture and self perspective lift in front of my eyes, hearing their deep relief combined with elated excitement as they reported that pain they had been in for YEARS had subsided, (knowing it was because their alignment had shifted and was now supported by strong &flexible muscles.
What was really happening is that they were finally EXPERIENCING themSELVES as they were meant to live/feel.
It breaks my heart that most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. 
We are creatures of nature. Nature is designed to LIVE FULLY, to be completely expressed, to grow, to evolve, to thrive in surviving.
Although aging is natural, the level of degeneration our culture is experiencing is not. We exacerbate our own deterioration by living in toxic levels of stress and compressing the functioning of our body systems.
This is changeable. Your body is malleable. Your neurology is plastic, meaning you can melt those hardened patterns and reshape them.
This thriving to survive is essential if you want your essence to radiate, if you want your message to have impact, if you want to FEEL & EXPERIENCE the passion that is uniquely yours.
I used to think that just getting by was enough, and that anything more would be judged because I “should” be working harder, doing more busy work, getting things DONE. What I know now, is that I am more productive and help others in bigger ways by feeling good in my body.
It does no one any good to deplete your life-force, to be living in perpetual low energy.
A few simple shifts can move you in the direction of feeling good:
  • Move in sync with gravity: a lot of physical pain and strain come from the effort it takes to fight gravity. When you can detangle the knots in your muscles and fascia and align your bones so that it takes less effort to be upright you will find great relief!


  • Develop better breathing habits - I know you already know this one, but I'm serious and it can be so easy. Deeper breaths will help support a more uplifted posture, give your blood the oxygen it needs to nourish your cells, and wake up your brain. It's a win/win/win.


  • Shake it off or shake it up! These days our bodies are carrying around a lot of tension. One of the truest mammalian ways to break up and release tension is to shake. So turn on T-Swift if you need to, or just take 30 seconds to literally shake. You'll not only losen up, you'll allow your nervous system to begin to reset to a lower level of resting tension.

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