You are not broken

Jan 18, 2021
You are not broken
It’s all about *ALIGNMENT*
We FEEL broken when things are OFF.
When we feel like something is missing.
When we are so beaten down and exhausted we feel like we MUST be broken.
We have been inundated with this whole “change your mind” “change your perspective” magical life changing healing thing. And when you’ve tried to set your sights on how you want to feel and you STILL aren’t experiencing it, you start to feel even MORE OFF. 
And worse, witnessing others turning their health and life and success around.
Here’s the thing. We are embodied beings. We are kinesthetic. We have this amazing biological circuitry. And sometimes that power is SO strong it creates a limited container and that mind stuff can only stretch so far.
Stretch your BODY and your whole experience of your SELF EXPANDS. 
Your physical cells give the electrical impulses that inform how you feel.
Your biochemistry is a main ingredient of your felt sense of NOW.
I’m not saying we are limited to our physical experience, but that we cannot ignore it’s strong influence and that we MUST take responsibility for this.
Stories, your biography get stuck in your body systems - in your neural grooves - in the way you move - in the sentences you speak and don’t even hear yourself say.
Sometimes you can make up your mind to change them. And sometimes your  lizard brain just keeps doing what it’s doing because that’s what it knows how to do. It gets caught in survival mode and you repeat the biochemistry of those stories like your life depends on it. Because in some ways, it kind of does.
But your conscious mind, your frontal lobe knows better. That sweet soft spot in the middle of your head FEELS it. MAKES you FEEL.
And then you act. You MOVE. You shake up your nervous system, disconnect that old school wiring, upgrade your vibes, and slowly or suddenly, you’re living a new story. That old one is “released”.
It’s practical magic. It’s YOU co-creating your experiential reality. It’s physiology and emotion and awareness. It’s LIFE. Lived.
With alignment comes ease.
Here’s a secret about your body’s alignment: the source of the pain is not the source of the problem.
Let me give you an example. 
If your neck and shoulders hold chronic pain, likely there is misalignment of some sort there. But that misalignment is the RESULT of an issue elsewhere, likely lower, like in the pelvis, or even the feet. If you can take a more distant view and sensing of your alignment, then you have a better chance at alleviating the pain.
When you can start restructuring your alignment from the foundations of any misalignments you create an ease throughout your entire body.  You no longer have to keep TRYING to “fix” your neck and shoulders (or wherever you feel a particular strain). It is alleviated effortlessly.
However it is not necessarily “easy” to see the true sources of pain when they are hidden so distantly from the sensations. Mindful movement practices help. Things like yoga, walking meditation, even a “conventional” workout done with awareness can provide the clues you need. Obviously so can a trained professional.
Look for seemingly distant causes and effects, feel how your fascia (connective tissue!) works in big mechanical pulls across the body.  Release tensions in one place to facilitate relief in another. Strengthen particular muscles to support shifting alignment for overall grace and ease.
When you create greater ease in the system all sorts of health benefits cascade from there including pain relief, less stress, more energy, better sleep, even other “unrelated” health issues can improve. Needless to say mood brightens, and your entire perception of yourself and others is uplifted.
With embodied movement, you can create a groove of movement patterns that unravels the pains strains and tensions in your system, that aligns your body so that you can breathe deeply, and radiate your authentic vibe, and uncover the version of you that feels...well, not-broken
When your body is turned on, your cells FUELED, nurtured, nourished, your biochemistry puts you in a place where you can be of MASSIVE SERVICE.

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