Why embodiment

Nov 29, 2021
Why embodiment

The more I speak with people in the embodiment space the more I recognize how powerfully this conversation is going. 

One of my biggest goals with Embodied Movement® is to simplify this concept and bring practical applications of it to every body.

This past year+ has brought to light the disconnection so many people have with their body, and illuminated much of what is lurking under the surface.

For many folks, this has been a challenge, but I would like to point out that this is one of those challenges that sparks change!

A beautiful revolution is going on. 

A deep desire women have to shed shame and expectations...their own, and the ones that have been put upon them. 

There is a craving for freedom from stress, strain and sometimes the excess weight of layers of emotional pain. Also an increase of strength, inside and out.

It is time that we believe in our bodies.

And treat these bodies to the pleasure of vibrant health and MOVE in ways that support this shift.

The present moment is the time to activate and enjoy the delightful responsibility of caring for your muscles, bones, cells, and soul.

It is my deep belief that your body wants to be healthy, that health is your natural dynamic, and that life, and all your herstory, eventually builds up stress & compression, wiring your system for a less vibrant version of you. However, this doesn’t have to be permanent, you can MOVE in ways that unlock the blocks and unleash your vitality.

When you are wound tightly, the patterns that keep you in pain cannot change.


You have great power to make deep changes that shift you into vitality, long term.


Let’s answer the question: What is Embodied Movement®? 

Embodied Movement® is an approach that can be applied to any type of movement, whether it is dedicated movement like exercise or daily functional movement like posture habits for daily activities. It is a way to access safety in the body through gentle resiliency. Embodied Movement® teaches the methodology of: Release, Realign, Strengthen, Refine in order to build new neural pathways through movement.

Why is this important?

The key is the communication network of your nervous system. When you taken in information, through the environment, through circumstances, and through emotional impact, your nervous system “learns” it’s programming. 

As humans, we operate on pathways and habits until or unless these habits and patterns are disrupted by new information. When we have been through stress or trauma, often the reactive signals in fight / flight / freeze/ faint / fawn mode become part of our daily rhythms. These signals include tension and other body processes that zap energy and function away from restoration, repair, and rejuvenation. Basically we feel like less of ourselves.

What can we do about it?

The good news is our brains, neuropathways, neuromuscular signals, and nervous system habits are all very “plastic” - meaning we can mold them! But we have to know how, because when they have been trained by stress, trauma, and intense emotional impact that programming is prioritized, so we have to learn the hacks.

Often people try mind-first approaches, and while they are a helpful part of a holistic approach, because this information is somatically (in the body) stored, they run into dead ends, change is frustrating, slow, or not even happening!

Using Embodied Movement® you are coming in from a sensory-first approach which gives new signals directly through the body, the nervous system, and to the brain.

This is flipping
Mind ⌲ Body to Body ⌲ Mind

Not that the first is incorrect, just that it’s not always (in fact often isn’t) the most effective pathway.

Ok... back to WHO is this for?

I can break this down into 2 categories: personal and professional.

Personally Embodied Movement® is for:

  • Someone who is feeling stuck in their body / health.
  • Resolving trauma stored in your body keeping you running in loops.
  • Getting past being frustrated hitting blocks in physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • If you are in a growth zone and know your body systems need an upgrade.
  • When you have a big personal or professional project or event and need a somatic tune up so you can show up.

Professionally Embodied Movement® Training is for: 

  • You work in the healing arts and value current (not out of date) continuing education.
  • You work in a therapeutic modality I.e. psychology, psychotherapy, energy healing, health coaching, nutrition and are missing the body / movement / somatic aspect and know you need to add it to be relevant
  • You know the body holds wisdom and useful healing information and want to learn simply how to access, de-code, and respond to this kinesthetic information.

What now?

The most important steps you can take to upgrade your own kinesthetic intelligence are:

  • Know where you are operating from, if you’re nervous system is in stress mode you’ll need different tools to tune in.
  • Turn on your body awareness - practicing simple things like noticing sensations and noting their physical qualities (NOT the stories attached to them) helps fine-tune your proprioceptive palate. 
  • Begin to make small adjustments to your posture and movement habits, little changes consistently go a long way and free up vital energy currently stuck in tension.
  • Get support! I’m a big believer that deeper healing, and bigger learning isn’t meant to happen alone! Think about your community and reach out to someone who feels safe and is on a healing / growth path as well and ask to move forward together.


If you're curious about personal or professional support here... shoot me a quick email at [email protected] and ask about our most up to date options!


Be well,

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