Shame Rebel

Dec 06, 2021
Shame Rebel podcast

I met Katie Gilbertson of Rainy Day Therapy in a Facebook group for podcast producers and aspiring guests. Her post last July caught my attention, she said: 

"Starting a podcast (hoping to launch in a month) and looking for guests! It’s called Shame Rebel and I’m looking for folks to speak on their experiences of shame and ways to rebel against stigmas and negative messages."

Y'all...she had me at Shame Rebel! 

If there's one pain pocket, samskara, body armoring that gets me's shame. And oh-my-goodness do I identify with the word rebel. Throughout my entire adulthood I seem to blaze my way against the grain. So...a little while back, Katie and I recorded this conversation and I think you'll love to listen in.

Spoiler alert, Katie has now gone through my embodiment course and has layered in some pretty incredible skills to her already compassionate therapy practice. If you or someone you know is seeking that kind of support...she's your girl :)

Have a listen...


Listen on Apple, Spotify, or Katie's Website


Find Katie here: Instagram, Facebook

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