New Perspective on Old Habits

Jul 05, 2021
Find out who you are and do it on purpose
~Dolly Parton
Sometimes you have to take on a new perspective perspective of yourself - to completely turn upside down what you thought you knew.
Humans are habitual creatures.  You get stuck in rhythms and patterns, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by circumstance, or response, or out of what feels like necessity.  You can go on for years and years in a habit or personal belief without ever taking a personal inventory of whether that particular way you are is truly of benefit or not.
Often this is because you are fulfilling expectations.  A particular job or roll in life expects you to move or behave in a certain way.  You then move in that way for a long time and it becomes a physical, mental, and emotional habit.
I challenge you today  to do something different, to turn something about yourself completely upside down to get a new perspective.  Be weird.  How does it feel?
Often you don’t see opportunity that is right in front of your nose, simply because you are not moving into it.  
Take on the challenge of something new and different. 
The body thrives and delights on this new sensory information.  
You are literally given the opportunity to learn who you are in space anew when you move in different ways.  
You are given the opportunity to break old habits (physical, emotional, mental) when you change how you move and hold your body.  You are given the opportunity to reorient yourself in space, and your whole perspective of yourself and the world through these new sensations.
Not everything needs to be changed.  You are probably doing a lot that is right and good and healthy and vibrant.  And likely you are not taking the time to acknowledge, celebrate, and reinforce these aspects of your dynamic self.  When you do, you not only build your own, in-the-body strength, but also your self acceptance, and self confidence.  
You also give others the opportunity to bask in your glow.  You become an inspiration.  
So how can you shake things up a bit today?  
Try going in through the body channel.  Try a new class.  Hire a trainer or teacher to learn a new physical skill.  Break out that dance fitness video you were so excited about and only did once and really feel into the moves.  Go to a park and actually play on the equipment.  Climb a tree.  Take a different route on your morning walk.  The ideas are endless.  
There are so many ways to play with this incredible body we each have. There is no one right way for anyone, and what is the best thing to do one day may not be the best thing the next day.  
The body itself changes, and the circumstantial needs change.  Navigating what is best for your particular body on a particular day within a particular situation and providing just the right kind of movement to suit those needs is an empowered responsibility.
This is part SCIENCE part INTUITION.  
Accessing to your own body’s wisdom and tuning in to that wisdom, so you can keep on track and truly respond to your own current needs is simple.
I call this skill “navigating” your needs in the moment, so you know whether to entertain a more active routine or a more “meditative” or “self-care” routine.
Have you felt into this at all, or practiced noticing your needs and accommodating what you find?  Many people just go through their day without taking a moment to figure out what their body really needs.  I know it is easy to keep turning your attention outward.  To focus on your busy schedule, other people’s needs, your to-do lists, especially when there are some heavy/intense situations right in front of you.  
This IS the practice, attention, the returning, to be self-aware, self-caring, and accommodating your needs while participating in life’s “flow”.  
There isn’t a time when everything stops so you can exercise.  So NOW is the time.  The key is to figure out when to take those blocks of time, tune into your self, go through the routine that feels best for you, and when to kind of “fit it in” among all the other things you need to do.  Or when you need conscious rest.  
To keep the above rhythm going, get comfortable with the ebb and flow of those rhythms.  Knowing when to shift gears so you don’t get stopped.  Lets keep massaging this skill for you.  
Here are some simple things you can do to start practicing that self-awareness that tells you what your body needs in any given moment.
  • Make practice of taking 60 seconds before doing anything else when you wake up to take a deep breath, scan your body, and just take in whatever information is there.  Try not to judge, or follow any stories, just notice.  See if you can slip in a few more of these minute long check-ins throughout the day.
  • Allow yourself a full spectrum of activity throughout the week, from more active to more restful.  This allowing can be tricky, so often the “shoulds” sneak in, you think you should be doing this or that, allow for what your body truly needs when it needs it, you will establish a rhythm
  • Get support – the mind really likes to jump in and have a say as to what the body needs to do.  You can get stuck in mental habits from old needs and simply repeat them on auto pilot.  If you are confused about how to get clear on this, a trainer or coach can help you sort it out.
I hope you found something here that helps you start your navigation process of being more self-aware and accommodating to your body’s needs.

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