Language of Sensations

May 10, 2021

A conversation with Amy Lanci

Welcome to this segment of "The Language of..." series, where I get to interview experts and talk about their language of expertise.

Why did I start this series? Because I believe language barriers exist all around us. The sooner we overcome these barriers, the sooner we can understand each other and get the help we need.

In this interview, I talk to my new friend, Jessie Lucas. Jessie is the founder of the Embodied Movement method and she teaches people how to release trapped emotions in their bodies. In this video, we talk about "The Language of Sensations."

We talked about:

  1. How "The Language of Sensations" is the language of our unconscious self, and how THAT can affect our communication with other people

  2. How fellow empaths and everyone in the world can benefit from Embodied Movement.

  3. How the mind has one story but the body tells another



How Amy can help you...

Are you a business owner who is looking to overcome the language barriers between yourself and your audience, to do good in the world, and keep your dream alive?

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