It’s in your nervous system

Oct 04, 2021

Folks have been asking me recently what the heart of the matter is with this Embodied Movement stuff, so I thought I’d share some of the good with you! 

Often folks ask…What’s the difference between this and working out or doing yoga? Or is it a hybrid modality?

Here’s the best way I can put it…

  • Embodied Movement is a method or approach that can be applied to any type of movement
  • It is a way to BE in your body with true presence, awareness, and safety
  • Embodied Movement can re-wire nervous system patterns to create new results with ease!

You know when you try to make a change in your health routines, or in your life and you just keep hitting the same loops over and over again? That’s because those patterns are wired, often below your level of consciousness in your nervous system.

That’s how you, as a human, are designed. If you didn’t run on habitual loops it would take a TON of mental energy to get ANYTHING done. It’s intelligent human design. AND it can get you super stuck.

There are many factors that influence those patterns that get embedded in your nervous system.  

You are wired to survive – not thrive (that’s a whole different level of operation!) When life starts happening and your survival gets challenged your nervous system has to reroute to adapt to the circumstances.

Things like general stress to acute trauma trip that wiring and initiate patterns that create a body armor – a protective layer that keeps you safe. This happens on the physical, emotional, and energetic layers. You can feel this as tension, pain, panic, emotional reactivity, or just a sense that something is off. Of course there are many many other ways that this could present. 

The good news is that there are ways that you can bring things up from this subconscious auto-pilot level, make changes in those nervous system patterns, and then ease back into your groove, running on new loops.

This “trick” is also built in to your human design, however it takes the ingredient of AWARENESS to use it.  

There are effective and efficient ways to facilitate this “re-wiring” – Embodied Movement is my favorite, and the way I work with my clients.

I’m sure you know this feeling – storing all your stress in your body. You probably have a way you feel this, either tension in your neck and shoulders, your jaw, your low back. Your whole life’s history is stored in your body systems from superficial to deeper layers.

Embodied Movement techniques allow you to MOVE through the layers, locate and bring hidden patterns of sabotage up to your consciousness and shape shift them.

This is often a very satisfying process because your body shape shifts too. Your body is currently molding itself around those stress, pain, and trauma patterns, when you clear those up your body takes a shape of greater strength and ease. 

Do you have a story about shifts you've made to your nervous system? I'd love to hear it! Email me at [email protected].


Be well,

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