Empress of Empowerment with Lauren Weiss

Sep 20, 2021

How to Positively Impact Your Emotional and Mental Health Through Body Movement Empowerment. A conversation with Lauren Weiss Jessie Lucas

Have you developed a body awareness to where you feel empowered? Do you want to take control of your body and develop a physical and emotional resiliency?

Physical movement and posture can really change the game for you by strengthening your body and releasing pain and tensions. You will be surprised by how much improving your overall body health through movements will positively impact both your mental and emotional health.

On the show today, we have Jessie Lucas, a movement educator and founder of the Embodied Movement Method. She helps women navigate their energetic and emotional habits that shape their physical wellbeing to reduce stress and strain in their systems, uplift their posture and energy, and create empowered health through embodied movement.

Listen in to learn about the Embodied Movement Method and how it can help reduce stiffness in your body, refine your movements, and create resiliency. You will also learn the importance of developing a sense of community where you learn to help others.

“The more self-aware you are, the more you know how your body systems work.”- Jessie [24:31]

What You Will Learn:

[2:09] Jessie on how her life evolved in many different ways before she became a movement educator.

[7:33] She explains the events that changed the trajectory of her career to body movement.

[18:56] Biohacking- how to take control of your body, be aware of it, and become empowered.

[25:43] How the Embodied Movement Method methodology addresses body safety first and develops a nervous system level of resiliency.

[33:27] Jessie on why her younger self would have benefitted from setting boundaries.

[34:02] How Jessie in the future would advise the now Jessie.

[35:16] How she’s empowered by other women in their empowerment journey.

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Lauren helps women reach their peak performance in life, business and in health by leveraging and understanding the power of their monthly cycle with her exclusive Cycle Align Method™

Lauren has a lifelong history of hormonal issues and menstrual cycle mayhem, culminating in a hysterectomy when she was only 30. From age 16, she was diagnosed with Von Willebrand disease, then endometriosis, then PCOS and almost died in birthing her child.

She experienced terrifyingly heavy periods and intense pain with her cycle each month. After the birth of her daughter, the internal bleeding and pain were so bad that she had hysterectomy. Although she only has one ovary now and no uterus, the days of pain and anemia are behind her.

Lauren, then went on a quest, to understand her body, her cycle, and how they connected to the phases of the moon. Her deep research and self awareness, she began to feel energized, creative and productive again. Her focus then began to truthfully understand female hormones during the different cycle phases. Laurens research and new understanding about the TRUTH of a women cycle - has guided her to now be on a mission to debunk the myths, the silence and false understanding of the female cycle. She is focused on helping women business leaders to lean into their body, find harmony, connect with their cycle to enhance their business, their life, their relationships with Cycle Align Method™.


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