Biohacking & Movement Education

Mar 15, 2021
Hydrate your life

The Magical Holistic Healing Arts Podcast with Lyn and Erika Hicks 

EPISODE 27:  Biohacking & Movement Education with Jessica Lucas

What a sparkling duo this mother daughter pair is! We share so many common views it was a delight chatting with them about some of the deeper, but oh-so-simple "health hacks". We all agree hacks are simple tools that can change the output, you just have to know what input to use!

I hope you enjoy listening to our talk!


Jessie Lucas is a movement educator and founder of the Embodied Movement Method. She helps women navigate their energetic and emotional habits that shape their physical wellbeing to reduce stress and strain in their systems, uplift their posture and energy, and create empowered health through embodied movement.  Jessie also helps you upgrade your cellular functioning through biohacking with nutrigenomics. She holds a Masters Degree in Health Arts and Science and has been working in the movement, health and fitness industry since 2003.

Enjoy the episode!

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