An Empath's Life

Jun 21, 2021
An Empath's Life

Join Energy Healer & Energy Alignment Coach Heather O'Neill in a conscious conversation with the founder of Embodied Movement and fellow empath Jessie Lucas as they discuss:

• The realization that you are an empath
• Self awareness versus others' feelings
• The empath's challenges & gifts
• Feeling the collective's energy
• The light of the empath presence
• Awareness, choice & discernment


Heather O'Neill is an Energy Alignment Coach & Energy Healer. She works with people (especially empaths) who want to understand how to heal and harness their own energy field in order to attract and live into their most fulfilling life. Heather holds a BA in psychology, is Certified in the Law of Attraction and as a hypnotist and is a Reiki Master Teacher. And of course an intuitive empath.

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