A conversation with Camille Miller of The Natural Life Business Partnership

Jun 07, 2021
Natural Life Business Partnership

When the gyms and studios closed in 2020 I knew this would be my opportunity to develop the next project in my Embodied Movement business. I've been serving clients online since 2014 taking them through the journey of Release, Realign, Strengthen, Refine in order to create a Custom Movement Blueprint, unlock their emotional and physical pain habits and develop conscious body practices.

With all of my service provider colleagues sent home, I started reaching out to see how and what everyone was doing. When I would describe my methodology I kept getting asked, "Do you teach that?" 

Those conversations were the inspiration to create what is now a full professional training course designed to help therapists, coaches, and wellness practitioners incorporate embodied movement into their practice.

Camille and this partnership supported me through this process. I like to call it an incubator. I am so grateful for this soul-centered support.

Enjoy my conversation with Camille!



The story behind the Natural Life Business Partnership


The Natural Life Business Partnership (NLBP) was born from a unique vision of our Founder and Chief Visionary, Camille Miller, and her need to find a community of her own. With her deep spiritual beliefs, and being grounded by a holistic lifestyle, she began studying different modalities of natural health and the mind-body connection. As she became more ingrained in the lifestyle, she noticed it included food, medicine, the healing arts, agriculture, and spiritualism, but there was no single source to find everything. It seemed the communities of the natural life did not intercept with one another.  


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