You can't build new movement patterns on top of old ones.

Jessie Lucas

Hi, I'm Jessie Lucas

Founder of Embodied Movement


Jessie Lucas is a certified  yoga teacher & personal trainer. She is the founder of Embodied Movement® Certification. And now trains therapists and coaches in a holistic methodology that includes kinesthetic intelligence, somatic skill sets, and referral systems. She holds a masters degree in Health Arts and Science and has been working in health and fitness since 2003. For years she has trained women in creating conscious body practices to heal emotional scars, improve their mental health, and overcome their biggest personal or professional roadblocks. Nowadays you’ll find her teaching courses, hosting an online community of expert practitioners, and living the suburb life with her girlfriend and children - all while mentoring forward thinking therapists and coaches and teaching them everything she knows about embodiment, authentic alignment in building a private practice, and operating from ease.

This is my story

Early on


I started teaching yoga in 2003. My first son was almost 2 and as a young mom I had been struggling to keep up my own yoga practice that I previously developed. I made the decision to teach partly to hold me accountable to my own practice that brought me presence in my body and clarity of mind, and partly with the inspiration that I had something to give to the wellness world.

After a few years of loving teaching, another son and a divorce later I found myself in a position where leading my handful of yoga classes per week was not going to float my family boat.  I was offered the opportunity to take over for a personal trainer at a gym where I taught IF I went and got my personal training certification.

Now, I had no interest in fitness. In fact I looked at it as a disembodied space, a place where people would cause harm to their body being misguided by diet culture, unhealthy body image issues, and ego based competition. However, I needed work to support my kids, I loved helping people feel good in their body, and I knew this place. 

I fell in love with fitness. 

In my own training to be a trainer I had a defining moment when I felt myself picking up a heavy weight and felt truly strong. Not just muscle strong, but a deep down inside out strong.  

I had lost a lot of my self-worth due to some difficult life situations. My nervous system was shot having lived in survival mode for too long, and despite my yoga & meditation practice, I hadn’t been able to rebuild my inner strength and confidence.

This moment changed that for good. But we’ll bookmark this for just a moment…

I used my passion for alignment and flexibility to help everyone from elite athletes to people post-surgery, to folks who were stepping into the gym totally afraid for the first time. We would build unique workouts tailored to their needs and most importantly, make them work for how they enjoyed moving. I also had a blast teaching group fitness, mat pilates, aerial yoga, and practicing Thai Bodywork.

My expertise was a corrective approach, decreasing pain and increasing functionality and performance.

I also began to get curious about how a physical movement practice could make such a profound difference on my mental, emotional, and energetic health.



In 2012 I began developing the Embodied Movement® Method. The seeds of this were planted the moment I recovered my self worth and inner strength while studying for my Personal Trainer certification. I embarked upon deeper research while writing my Masters Thesis, and created my first business utilizing this method in 2014. 

In the Embodied Movement® Method I help people: 

  • Increase their body awareness (kinesthetic intelligence) 
  • Gently develop a physical and emotional resiliency in order to “dive into the darkness” and capture the pearls of wisdom harbored in their body’s history
  • Release tensions and pains, or “body armor” that have been trapping these patterns and pathways in the body’s systems
  • Realign physically in order to support new neuropathways and self perception
  • And create beautiful, bespoke strengthening body practices which help maintain this new posture in the world 

Most recently I have developed a Professional Training Program which teaches other wellness professionals including therapists, nutritionists, health coaches, as well as people from the fitness industry how to use this method with their clientele. 

I noticed a huge gap in the embodiment conversation. You were either “in” the know, or totally out of it.

My goal with the Embodied Movement® Professional Training Program is to bridge this gap – to make embodied movement practices simple and accessible to everybody. The healing arts are a fantastic space to plug this in.

This method is for every BODY. It is not just for yogis, dancers, performers, and artists. It is not specified for those on a spiritual path or with 20 years of meditation experience. While adaptable into all of those worlds, this is meant to completely simplify some very basic aspects of being human…

  • The ability to have a wide range of emotion.
  • The ability to move freely and comfortably in your body.
  • The ability to feel fully like your true self.

Together we are in a position to put the SELF at the center of health care, to empower people to be expert humans, and to bring a welcome sense of ease into being.

Develop your Kinesthetic Intelligence with Jessie

Individual Support

One-on-one (virtual) guidance through the Embodied Movement Method to help regulate your nervous system, increase emotional capacity, and develop conscious body practices. Move through a health hurdle and keep the skills to use for life.

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Online Course

A 12 Week Course, Classes, & Community designed to teach you Kinesthetic Intelligence through conscious body practices to use with your patients/clients. Experience the process first hand while gaining the skills to use the method with your work.

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