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I believe, embodiment is the new mindfulness...

Connect your conscious awareness to your body’s wisdom. This is a new approach to movement practices that respects and incorporates kinesthetic intelligence.

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Professional Certification

Teaching therapists and coaches to heal themselves and grow their practice with Kinesthetic Intelligence.

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Private Training

Create a Custom Movement Blueprint that integrates your physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being.

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Connect with a community of embodiment minded professionals. The health care world is changing and needs you! 

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This is a course that every therapist needs in their tool box. It helps connect the mind and body together in such a real way. It’s a powerful tool to give to clients and allows them in a real way to feel in control of themselves.


Keri Cooper LCSW

This is not another mindfulness course.  Embodied movement is the new mindfulness.  The tools are practical, simple, and they work.  I believe that if everyone understood and practiced embodied movement techniques, we could improve our communities, our social challenges, and our health care system!


Mary Ellen Zung, Health Coach

The thing I've discovered in my work with Jessie is that while the parts of myself that I didn't want to look filled me with terror, when I bring presence to those parts of myself and ask from my heart what is needed, there is always alchemy and the feelings of terror or whatever is coming up in that moment is transmuted, sometimes with movement, sometimes just by bringing awareness to parts of me I didn't want t see. Presence is the difference that makes the difference. I highly recommend scheduling your session with Jessie.

Nancy Loeffler, Grief Journey Guide

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Stand out in your field & create deep and lasting client transformation by understanding & incorporating body awareness in therapy and coaching.

The Embodied Movement Certification is a unique course that helps Therapists, Coaches, and Practitioners increase their own capacity for stress, emotions and sensations and grow their practice by integrating embodiment techniques so they can help their clientele experience transformation rooted in the body systems.

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"Body Language"

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